The CEMS community is composed of various stakeholders - students, alumni, academic members, corporate partners and social partners, all diverse in their thinking and skill sets. This month brings together the stories and people from the different corners of the CEMS world.

The CEMS community is special. We are bound together by the intangible CEMSie spirit. It is most obvious, almost palpable, when we come together in our annual events and graduation!

“Cultural diversity is at the core of CEMS’ DNA. Our students and alumni are recognised for their cross-cultural abilities, their curiosity and adaptability. CEMS creates bridges between its stakeholders and their respective approaches and cultures. In particular, the dialogue between academic and corporate partners certainly explains CEMS’ long lasting success."

Nicole de Fontaines, CEMS Executive Director, at a Benchmarking Meeting at NUS, in Singapore, on "Cultural Diversity in the Workplace."

"A component of diversity is the agility to switch modes, adapt communication and behaviour. To focus on the stakeholders interests as a company and as a partner and anticipate their needs."

CEMS Diversity in Action

"Each year the Student Board represents more than 25 nationalities, a true reflection of the diverse CEMS spirit".

Nathalie Guillium, CEMS Student Board President 2023

Since 2000, The CEMS Student Board represents the voice of CEMS students with one student representative from each of the academic member schools.  The Board manages global projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience, canvessing the students' opinions to make recommendations to CEMS Management Boards.  

There are different teams within the Student Board including Diversity and Inclusion, Marketing and Communications, Finance, support to local CEMS Clubs and much more.

Watch the CEMS student Board video that celebrates CEMS diversity.


CEMS Clubs are an integral part of the CEMS community and offer numerous opportunities for CEMS students to engage with their peers, explore different interests, and enhance their overall CEMS experience. These clubs have collaborated with their local  CEMS Communities for nearly two decades.

“When I applied for Master programmes at Tsinghua in 2016, I browsed the official website and excitedly found that Tsinghua SEM is one of the CEMS Academic Members and students would have a CEMS year with global exposure. That was the beginning point of my CEMS MIM journey. Tsinghua SEM is a leading school of economics and management and the CEMS MIM is a highly international programme. I constantly changed my locations, met diverse people and got totally inspired during my CEMS year: I had the Block Seminar at NUS (Singapore), started a term abroad at the LSE (UK), attended Student Board meetings at HKUST (Hong Kong, China), Malta and NOVA SBE (Portugal), did an internship in Germany and finished the Business Project at Tsinghua SEM (China). It shaped what and how I think of myself, the society and the world. The magic is that CEMS brings us together.”

Yun Jannik XU, Tsinghua MiM-CEMS 2020 graduate and former Student Board Member.

As part of the Global Citizenship Seminar, CEMS students traveled to the Phillipi Village Solution Space, to understand and explore some of the challenges and opportunities of living, working, and doing business in this township context. Students learned from UCT GSB colleagues and local entrepreneurs about how the space provides support for start-up teams, enabling them to build scalable businesses with the potential for international expansion. Businesses include Regenize, recycling service that provides free residential roadside collection. 

"A key learning point for our CEMS students is to widen the lens
through which they come up with solutions to problems. CEMS students will normally leave having learned something valuable, rather than coming up with all the answers!”

- Dr Annika Surmeier, Academic Director of the CEMS MIM at the University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business. 

This year, this exclusive event will be taking place from November 6th to 8th in Santiago, Chile and will be hosted by the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez - Business School.

During these 3 days, participants will be able to enjoy company guest speakers, skill seminars, networking events and various other activities.

KOC has had a busy year with many activities that show commitment to excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct.  The International Staff Week in May 2023 provided an opportunity for particpants to gain new insights.  And a new initiative aimed at promoting gender-inclusive teaching practices has been set up. Well done to the recipients.

"The Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grant program, integral to our new gender equality action plan, underscores our commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. Notably, one of the inaugural winners, a CEMS program course emphasising gender issues, mirrors CEMS' dedication to gender mainstreaming. This awarded course embodies our vision of gender equality within the sustainable development framework, embracing a multi-stakeholder approach. As we celebrate CEMS' 35th anniversary, we're thrilled to share these innovative pedagogical practices with our academic community."

- Behice Pehlivan, Gender Equality Cooordinator of Koç University

"Alumni of CEMS, on average, strongly outperform those from all business schools taking part in the Financial Times (FT) 2023 MIM ranking. CEMS graduates have significantly higher earnings, greater salary progression and an increased likelihood of achieving their study aims according to analysis of CEMS alumni career progression."

*Only Alumni who have updated their profile on the Alumni Platform are featured on this map

"As a student I felt a strong sense of community within CEMS and that has not changed 20 years later, throughout my international career I have never lost this feeling which holds generations of students and alumni together with a common set of values and a shared CEMS experience."

Torsten Rowekamp, Purchasing Team Leader at Henkel Global Supply Chain. Torsten is a true MVC - Most Valuable CEMSIE. Involved from this student days in Cologne, he was key in the creation of the CEMS Student Board, then member of the Alumni Executive Committee. Today Torsten works for CEMS Corporate Partner, Henkel and part of the CEMS Henkel Alumni Group.


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“As we look back on CEMS’ incredible 35-year journey, one thing shines brightly - our unwavering dedication to curiosity and cultural respect. With scores of accomplished alumni spanning the globe, what truly sets them apart is their exceptional skill in leveraging their CEMS experiences and tapping into the expansive global network, propelling them to thrive in a world that is constantly evolving”.

Triona Campbell, Global Engagement & Alumni Management - CEMS Global Alliance

Humans of CEMS

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